Policies & Procedures

The full Clinical Education Manual can be found Here. Selected policies and procedures are listed below. 

 Students are expected to sign a Memorandum of Agreement that indicates that they will abide by all clinical education policies and procedures outlined in this manual.  In addition, students are expected to abide by all DPT Program policies during clinical education course work (see DPT Student Handbook).  Finally, students must furthermore abide by all facility policies and procedures during the duration of their clinical experiences. 

A.    Dress Code/Professional Appearance

B.    Conduct

C.    Liability Insurance

D.    CSU Health Examination Form & Immunization Records

E.    Health Insurance

F.     Drug Screening or Criminal Background Checks

G.    Financial Responsibilities

H.    CPR Certification

I.      Attendance Policies 

J.     Shortage of Clinical Sites

K.    Confidentiality of Records (HIPPA, FERPA)

L.     Student Personal Data Packets

M.    Students with Disabilities/Reasonable Accommodations 

N.     Conflicts of Interest 

O.     OSHA & Basic Environmental Safety Training

P.      Complaints from Clinical Education Community 

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